Saturday, October 13, 2012


Category: Sport
Place: Football field
Regular Budget: Football ball: 5-200$
Optional Budget: Football shoes: 35-200$

Football, which is also known as soccer in some countries, is the most popular sport in Europe and in some parts of the world. In Europe almost every man likes to watch football and if not, at least everyone likes to watch derbies. Usually you get a beer and some snacks, call your friends over and watch an important football match.
The bad side of today's football is hooligans who go to football matches just to fight and make riot. Remember that it's always about the love for your team and not about the hate for the opposite team.
That said about professional football, I will tell you more about the type of football you will probably be playing if you are not training for a professional player and that type is recreation.
Just like watching TV with your friends, you can be playing football with them. I suggest the mini football field , which has the handball sized goals or even smaller ones, where you protect your goal with your feet. I prefer the mini football with the regular handball sized goals. It's best for your condition and it's really fun.
Mini football is based on attacking and defending in a short time. You will have to run almost every second of the game, weather you are protecting a player or dribbling the ball. The most essential part of this game is passing, because on mini fields if you are not a professional player or a really good one, chances are you won't be able to go trough three players, so you will have to pass it to your team mate.
Honestly most of your friends or you don't have the capability for a hundred meters football field, so playing on a mini field is your safe bet.
You don't have to spend a lot of money on this sport, in fact you only need a ball and if your friend has it, you can play this sport for free. Of course it's good to have a ball at home so you can practice and have fun kicking it around, also you don't have to depend on your friend if he can't come to a game.
Like in every sport you can learn cool tricks and nice shooting techniques so you can show off to your friends and public and most of those tricks you can learn here:

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Electric Guitar

Category: Music
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Electric guitar: 100-4550$
                         Guitar amplifier: 25-2300$
                         Cable: 7-40$
Optional Budget: Guitar pick: 8-10$
                          Guitar case: 80-250$
                          Guitar strap: 15-50$
                          Distortion pedal and processor: 25-650$

I've written about bass, acoustic and classical guitar before, so there isn't much to be said about electric guitars. Anyway, I will try to say a few words that haven't been said.
Electric guitars have a powerful sound, depending on an amp, distortion pedal, processor and many other effects. It's easy to learn to play the chords and the power chords, though it may take some time to master the scales to improve your single note picking.
You can set your amp to clean, where there is little to no effects and the sound is close to the classical guitar or you can turn on the distortion, overdrive or crunch (depending on your amp) and set the effects how you want.
There are various techniques, pentatonic scales and spider exercises to practice your playing. Start off with the simple ones as the G-chord scale and later move on to more advanced ones as your playing gets better and faster.
That's about it when it comes to general stuff I haven't already said in my other posts, so as always I will leave you the website address where you can find most of the tabs for almost every song:

Saturday, October 6, 2012


Category: Literature
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Book: 1-80$
Optional Budget: Book shelf: 20-1300$

Even though you may not agree with this, reading can be fun. A lot of people find it relaxing or fun.
There are a lot of genres of the books and there are also informative books that are read when you want to find out something or in schools.
Reading can be connected to collecting if you wish to collect books and make your own little library. Book shelves are required for this.
By reading you are increasing your vocabulary and your reading speed. So reading has it's benefits rather than just enjoying the story.
The difference between books and movies is that you can visualize everything when reading a book, because there are a lot more details, but some people like more action and prefer movies for that.
I'm not really into reading, just started reading something lately and that's why I can't say much about it. Actually there isn't much to be said about it anyway, so I hope this website will help you a little: