Saturday, September 8, 2012

Acoustic/Classical Guitar

Category: Music
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Classical guitar: 35-2000$
                          Acoustic guitar: 65-5500$
Optional Budget: Guitar pick: 1-3$
                           Guitar strap: 3.5-60$
                           Guitar bag: 11-110$
                           Guitar case: 60-340$

Classical and acoustic guitars are almost the same. The difference is that the classical guitar is better for single notes picking and acoustic is better for chords. If you plan on bringing your guitar with your friends on trips, parties, camps, etc. I would say you should get an acoustic guitar.
Learning the chords or tabs for songs is very easy and you can do it here:
There you can find almost every tab for every song.
There are six lines on the tabs, representing six strings (from the thinnest to the thickest) and there are numbers on the lines, representing on which fret that note should be played and when, but you'll be mostly learning the chords on acoustic guitar so you can learn that there too.
Chords aren't hard to play at all and once you master them you know how to play every song with chords.
The guys with the guitar at the get-together's are always the one who get the crowd around them. Girls love guys who can play guitar and if you can sing that's a big plus!
Also everyone enjoys playing an instrument at home for their soul. By doing that you are also practicing your playing at the same time.
There are millions of ways to explore the greatness of your instrument by covering or composing a song, just playing random things on it and you can even make some money for fun if you decide to go on the street and play for the passing strangers who might like your playing.


  1. I love to play the guitar and everything you written here is true!
    Keep on writing these posts.

  2. I really like the idea of this blog. It definitely has potential, keep at it!

  3. Ive been playing guitar for 4 years, it looks like i need to expand my horizons, ill pick up a classical guitar just out of curiosity soon.

    1. Definitely try it out. I've been to a Musical School for 6 years, playing the classical guitar and I want to do play it again. Some nice calming music.

  4. I've been playing guitar for years and I find it very relaxing. Nice post.

    1. Thanks, guitars are amazing and you can play almost any genre of music with them.