Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Category: Pets
Place: House
Regular Budget: Domestic cat: FREE
                         Persian cat: 300-1100$
                         Maine coon cat: 800-1000$
                         Siamese cat: 150-350$
                         Abyssinian cat: 600-1200$
                         Rag doll cat: 500-1000$
                         Sphynx cat: 900-1500$
Optional Budget: Cat litter: 6-8$
                           Toys: 2-8$
                           Cat bowl: 3-6$
                           Bed: 10-30$
                           Carrier: 15-30$
                           Collar: 3-5$
                           Scratching tree post: 30-60$
                           Comb and brush: 2-6$
                           Grooming and clipping accessories: 5-8$

Cats are great pets that depending on their race, don't ask for too much. Sure some people may prefer dogs because they are more loyal, but cats on the other hand have their advantages too. They don't bark, don't eat too much, they are really playful and great for kids and have an amazing ability to calm you with their soft fur and purring.
Getting a cat from a breeder can be quite expensive even without the special products, but adopting a cat or rescuing one from the street is free and also very humane.
Cats are very playful and active animals, but they tend to sleep a lot in short periods over the day because of their life cycle. You will see how much your cat can eat so you can know how much to give her. They usually  eat twice a day with some extra sweets in between. Always provide them fresh water and clean litter if you have an indoor cat.
Outdoor and indoor cats differ in behavior because of the lack of cat contact in indoor cats.
Even though cats aren't used to learning tricks, they can learn a few. One of the popular ones is potty training use, which mostly people in buildings wish for their cats to learn, so they don't have to use litter.
Kittens love to play and you should give them some toys, ropes, crumbled paper, food or just play with your hands to help them learn how to hunt and have fun.
Cats are also really good hunters, so if you have a pest problem, you can count on your cat!
Just don't be surprised if your cat brings you it's dead friend, because that's the way they want to teach you how to hunt or just simply brag about their catch.
This post was just a short presentation of these wonderful creatures that are awaiting to become your friend and everything you need to know about cats can be found here: http://www.thecatsite.com/


  1. I've always been more a dog person myself... then again I AM alergic to cats

    1. I have both cats and dogs and like them both. Though it sucks to be allergic...

  2. Aaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh, I love cats. It's basically what the internet was built for, I think.

  3. I like cats a lot and have a bicolour one myself. You won't get tired of them. At least I haven't grown tired of mine even after about 10 years.

    1. I am almost same as you. Have been with cats since my childhood.

  4. Maine coons are pretty awesome, would love to see one one day.

  5. awesome cats are awesome.