Monday, September 3, 2012

List of Hobbies

If you constantly find yourself laying around on your couch doing nothing or just looking blank at the TV, one  thing's for sure, you need a hobby!
Hobby is a free time activity to have fun and as well accomplish something. It can serve you good in life, make your time pass with quality and you can even make new friends.
There are lots of hobbies around and you can even make up your own hobby.
One thing that separates a job from a hobby is that your hobby should always, or most time, bring you joy. You don't have to do it if you don't want to and you don't depend on anyone else.

That said, I will give you a list of hobbies and later I will go through every one of them in my later posts. So here is the list of them in groups by categories (sport, music, electronics...), but I will be doing them randomly. Notice that the things I will mention are all the things I've done or I'm doing in my life, so I can tell a lot about those stuff and give my personal opinion.

1. Music:  - Singing
                - Acoustic/Classical Guitar
                - Electric Guitar
                - Bass Guitar
                - Drums
                - Piano
                - Songwriting
                - Dancing

2. Sport:  - Basketball
               - Football
               - Volleyball
               - Pool
               - Skateboarding
               - Bike riding (BMX)
               - Chess

3. Electronics:  - Video Games
                       - Series
                       - Movies
                       - House Designing (Could be done on the paper also)
                       - Bloging
                       - Vloging

4. Pets:  - Cats
             - Dogs
             - Hamsters
             - Parrots
             - Fishes
             - Turtles
             - Lizards
             - Tarantulas

5. Creative:  - Drawing
                   - Painting
                   - Gift Cards Making
                   - Cooking
                   - Baking
                   - Tailoring
                   - Designing
                   - Planning
                   - Gardening
                   - Sculptor Making
                   - Photographing
                   - Magic Tricks
                   - Collecting (Action Figures, Tissues, Gum Wrappers, etc.)
                   - Garage Sale (I will put this here since you can get creative with it in some way)

6. Literature:  - Reading (Books, Novels, Romans, etc.)
                     - Writing (Books, Novels, Romans, etc.)
                     - Poetry
                     - Book Collection (Personal Library)
                     - Comics