Sunday, September 23, 2012


Category: Electronics
Place: House
          Drive-in theater
Regular Budget: Movie DVD: 10-25$
                          Cinema ticket: 6-12$
                         Online watching: FREE
                          TV watching: FREE
Optional budget: Popcorn: 1-3$
                          Helmet soda hat: 9$
                          3D glasses: 2-3$ + cinema ticket

Even though watching movies doesn't have to be a hobby, it can be if you wish to spend a little more time watching them and becoming a movie expert or even make your own movie marathons and invite some friends over!
Movies have a lot of genres, so you have to find which ones you like the most. You may find that you like older movies better than newer, so just look around till you find what you like.
I mentioned some of the ways you can watch movies above and I will mention them again and explain.
Probably the cheapest way to watch movies is on your TV. The advantage of this is not only that you don't have to pay for every movie you watch, but you can also choose with who you are going to watch them and won't have to worry about some crying baby ruining your time. Of course some people like cinemas more and the great disadvantage of TVs is that you can't choose which movie you want to watch, but rather have to wait for it to be shown.
Cinemas are great for going out with friends or family and you can become well known there if you are willing to spend a few bucks on every new movie premier. Also buying popcorn, drinks and 3D glasses can make your experience even better!
Not so popular in some countries, but really popular in old teenage movies are drive-in theaters. Young lovers usually go there on their first dates, where the first kiss happens. They are almost same as cinemas, except you are in a car, parked on a parking lot in front of a big screen.
The least legit, but probably the best and most used method of watching movies is over the internet. Of course you'll need a good computer and a good internet connection, but from there you can watch almost any movie you want, any time you want to.
Making your own movie library out of CD's, DVD's and VHS tapes is a big step in making it a hobby. So don't be cheap and get yourself those movies you like or just download them and burn them on a DVD.
Here's a website where you can find most of the movies, though you will have to search for subtitles if you need them:
Enjoy your movie watching and your movie marathon nights! Just remember that watching movies with friends or your loved ones is much better than watching them by yourself.


  1. I love movies, though personally, I can barely watch them at home.

    I'd much rather go to the movies for that

    1. I do too, get bored watching them at home, but the problem is my stupid town closed all Cinemas. Total bummer.

  2. Thanks for this. Always wanted to try out a drive-in, but never quite gave it much thought. I've done a quick google for local places now, and will check one out next weekend.

    1. Glad to hear that. Hope you have fun!
      Also tell me which movie you watched if you do go there.