Tuesday, September 25, 2012


Category: Creative
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Amateur camera: 650-800$
                         Professional camera: 5000-8300$
Optional Budget: Tripod: 15-50$

Photographing can be both of a hobby and a profession. To be a professional photographer you will need to invest more money and also have more experience or talent with taking pictures and capturing those important moments.
Let's say you want to buy or already have a camera and you wish to take some quality pictures that you can share with others and maybe even sell some. Where do you start?
Well simple, you first have to come up with an idea of what will you be taking pictures off. Will it be landscape, objects, models, animals or anything else, just think of it and try it out.
Take up to 100 pictures a day, take pictures anywhere you want to and have the proper lighting. Once you have those pictures taken, look through them and find those you like the most. This way you can see which things and which angles suit you best, so you can know what your style is.
Now that you've done this, repeat the process a few times until you get enough of the pictures you like and feel they belong to your style.
Here comes the important part if you wish to share your pictures with others. Ask your family and friends what they think about your work and ask them what their favorite pictures are. Once you get their opinion, you can head out to social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter and post your pictures there for others to like and comment, using Instagram.
A good place to upload and share your pictures is Photobucket, so you should and check it out: http://photobucket.com/
Just remember that practice makes perfect so continue to take pictures, because you never know what you might find and catch in your everyday life.


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    1. Glad to hear that and don't worry, I won't.
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  2. I have a friend who is pretty great at photography, he spends so much on cameras but can still take an awesome photo with any.

  3. Lol you forgot about Instagram! The Internet's #1 place for amateur artists.

    1. I guess I did forget, thanks!
      Even though I don't like it, I will put it in my text.

  4. if you're lucky enough, you might take a photo that becomes a new internet meme

  5. Probably the most unlikely use of my phone when I got it was that I suddenly started taking more pictures. Random thing I find is that, even if you're not a photographer, you'll end up 'slipping into it' once you have the capacity to. Fun stuff!

    1. I totally agree with you, though in most cases I end up deleting all the pictures I make on my phone. Don't ask me why, I just do it.

  6. I love photography, definitely recommend it to someone looking for a hobby, it can become expensive though. I do some video work on the side of my main job so it's kindof worth it. I just bought a new underwater camera and tried it out in my fish tank, really want to take it swimming in the ocean sometime. Great post!

    1. Thanks! I used to take pictures years ago and want to start again. The only problem currently is getting a camera.