Sunday, September 30, 2012

Video Games

Category: Electronics
Place: Gaming clubs
Regular Budget: Game: 5-70$
                         Online playing: FREE
                         Nintendo Wii: 160-380$
                         Xbox 360: 200-400$
                         Playstation 3: 300-350$
                         PSP: 170-250$
Optional Budget: CD holder: 5-60$
                           Snacks: 1-5$
                           Game magazine: 1-10$

A part of almost every teenagers life, the thing that bonds us together and makes us rage sometimes, that's what video games are. Everybody plays them, someone more and someone less. There are games for all ages, genders and interests.
To play video games you will need a console or a computer and of course a video game. There are a lot of gaming consoles and they are all similar in a way.
Video games can be played online, single player or multi-player with split screen or just one screen.
They are a great way to have fun and pass your time, maybe even learn something, who knows.
Of course video games can be bad for your eye sight and social life if you spend too much time playing them, but they can also increase your ability in spotting things and thinking to overcome problems.
The conclusion is that there isn't much to be said about video games in general, you just have to get a console and a game, the rest is just playing, getting better and enjoying your time!
There are a lot of websites associated with gaming, like game reviews, cheats, online shop, official game websites, etc. So I will just give you a link to a gaming forum, where you can find about all those things and even make friends with other gamers:


  1. This'd be the one I know the most about and, other than looking up crazy news stories, probably spend most of my time doing.

    There's also a vast wealth of FREE games that can be downloaded, especially on PC, some of which are really, really good.

    1. Well yeah, the "illegal" way is always there. Almost any game that isn't too new can be downloaded.

    2. Actually a lot of PC games are legal to download as they fall under the "abandonware" model