Friday, October 5, 2012


Category: Creative
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Candy: 0.5-6$
                         Stamp: 0.45-1$
                         Handkerchief: 1-5$
                         Button: 1-5$
                         Mug: 5-15$
                         Pen: 0.5-5$
                         Hard liquor: 2-7$
                         Badge: 1-3$
                         Action figure: 15-20$
Optional Budget: Stamp book: 8-15$

Isn't it just great have a collection of stamps that when you get old could show to your grandchildren and brag about it? Of course it is and that's why you might want to start collecting as your new hobby.
You can collect whatever you wish and it can be anything from simple candy wrappers to unusual hard liquor bottles.
The goal of collecting is simple. Collect as many unique items you wish to collect and grow your collection.
If you do own a collection of stamps, badges or something similar, you can sell them for a good amount of money.
There is not much to be said about this hobby, it's easy to understand and not hard to do. So decide what you want to collect and start collecting!
Here's a website that might help you or interest you:


  1. I kind of collect accidentally... Sometimes I have a collection of pizza boxes. Dunno if that counts.

    1. Haha, that's rad. Like I said, everything counts!

  2. Had one when I was younger and now I lost whole albums. Additional tip: take extra caution not to lose your albums when moving to a new house.

    1. I loved to collect pictures for an album. Had lots of them and a lot of them had free little figures along with the pictures.