Wednesday, October 3, 2012


Category: Pets
Place: House
Regular Budget: Husky: 200-600$
                         Labrador retriever: 400-800$
                         Golden retriever: 400-600$
                         German shepherd: 300-1500$
                         Beagle: 50-250$
                         Doberman: 650-1400$
                         Chihuahua: 150-350$
                         Poodle: 600-2000$
                         Boxer: 400-1200$
Optional Budget: Collar: 2-30$
                           Leash: 3-67$
                           Dog house: 10-418$
                           Toys: 2-21$
                           Bed: 27-98$
                           Muzzle: 3-14$
                           Dog shampoo: 6-40$
                           Comb and brush: 3-25$
                           Dog bowl: 2-45$

Dogs are one of the most common pets and often people call them family members from how loyal and friendly they are.
They vary greatly in size and can be really small or huge, also they can have different fur, appetite or attitude, depending on the race. Some dogs eat more and some less, but one greater meal a day should be enough, and you can throw in a snack every now and then.
You can keep your dog in the house, usually smaller dogs and puppies are kept inside, and if you want a larger dog, you should build or buy him a dog house or build him a cage.
Dogs are great in learning tricks and it may take a while, but with discipline, treats and proper technique, you can learn your dog to do a lot of tricks.
You should also play with your dog, especially if it's a puppy and take him for a walk every day if he lives inside your house or is chained to his house.
Some dogs require extra care like grooming, nail clipping, regular baths, etc. So you should do some research and get all the accessories if needed.
In short this is what you need to know about dogs and everything else you will find on this website:


  1. Great post!
    I sometimes wish I had a dog. However, I doubt the cat would be quite as comfortable with it as I am.

    1. I have a dog outside and a cat inside (that also goes outside sometimes), but they get along. I think..

  2. Replies
    1. Yup! Golden Retrievers are friendly too, but can be easily scared sometimes.

  3. I love dogs, I have two a lab and a retriever, wouldn't trade them for the world! Love the blog by the way.

    1. Thanks! I love dogs too, in fact, I love all the animals.