Saturday, October 6, 2012


Category: Literature
Place: Anywhere
Regular Budget: Book: 1-80$
Optional Budget: Book shelf: 20-1300$

Even though you may not agree with this, reading can be fun. A lot of people find it relaxing or fun.
There are a lot of genres of the books and there are also informative books that are read when you want to find out something or in schools.
Reading can be connected to collecting if you wish to collect books and make your own little library. Book shelves are required for this.
By reading you are increasing your vocabulary and your reading speed. So reading has it's benefits rather than just enjoying the story.
The difference between books and movies is that you can visualize everything when reading a book, because there are a lot more details, but some people like more action and prefer movies for that.
I'm not really into reading, just started reading something lately and that's why I can't say much about it. Actually there isn't much to be said about it anyway, so I hope this website will help you a little:


  1. Great post! I'm almost tempted to say that reading books should be mandatory just because it's always good to expand on your knowledge. Because whether you read fiction or not doesn't matter. There is something to learn from every book.

    1. Thanks! I agree with you. That must be why your poems are so great.

  2. I usually only have time/patience to read books during the summer.

    Last summer I read every Sherlock Holmes novel ever written

  3. What you said about the details in the visuals is very accurate. Probably why a lot of people are disappointed when books are translated into movies.

  4. You're right reading gives you a lot more detail than a movie does. Probably why so many are disappointed when their favorite book is made into a movie.

  5. Reading books is more important than most people realize. Reading, expands your mind and is a source of real wisdom. It's good that people read any kind of books, but in my personal opinion, it's even better when people read the classics of world literature. They are the true gold.

  6. Reading is mor than a hobby for me, it's a life-style XD. (Literally...I'm a student lol)